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if it was about rings: Choosing the right ring size is not easy. Especially if it is a gift. But don't worry, we can help you navigate the numbering system. At Du Coeur we use two types of ring size numbering. The first is the European system, based on the millimetre width of the ring's inner edges. Our rings only range from number 50 (diameter 15.9 mm) to number 58 (diameter 18.34 mm). The other type of numbering is the US style. These are numbers with lower units. So for us, these are numbers from 5 (which corresponds to the number 50) to the number 9 (which corresponds to the number 58). Now that you know what our ring sizes are, the next question is how do you measure the finger for the ring. The best way is to take one of your old rings that fits you best and measure it accordingly. Another option is to use string. You wrap the string around your chosen finger, then simply measure the length of the string and use our chart to choose the right size. The ring should not pinch or choke you. If you have slightly enlarged ankles, choose the size in relation to where the ring will go through. It may be loose on your finger, but it should not fall off. However, as with any piece of jewellery, the size of the ring is ultimately a personal choice. Some people like a larger size so the ring sits looser on their finger, others like a tighter fit so the ring stays tight. For chain type bracelets: You can measure your wrists with a tape measure or with a simple string. Always measure the hand on which you will be wearing the bracelet. The circumference of the right and left wrists may be different. Place the measuring tape or string around your wrist in such a way that it feels comfortable to you. Make sure the tape measure or string does not cut into the skin. If it is a string type bracelets: You can choose the size of some of our string bracelets. We have string bracelets in the sizes S, M and L. If you choose the size S, the minimum circumference of the bracelet is 9 cm and the maximum circumference is 14 cm. For size M the minimum circumference is 11 cm and the maximum is 20 cm, and the last size is L where the minimum circumference is 14 cm and the maximum is 24 cm. To choose a size, measure the largest part of your palm. We recommend size S for children up to 12 years and size L for men. When it comes to necklaces: If you want to have a short necklace so that the chain fits exactly between the collar bones. We would choose necklaces that are between 39 cm and 45 cm in length. But we have to remember that everyone's body is different. Jewellery is just like clothes - it fits differently for each person. Therefore, we recommend measuring the necklace length. You can use your old necklace, a tape measure or a piece of string to help you measure. It is important that you feel comfortable with the necklace. The necklace should not choke you. If we wanted to go for longer necklaces, we would go for something between 58 and 65 cm. These necklaces look great in the winter, for example on a turtleneck, or in the summer with a low-cut neckline. In our necklace range you will also find chokers. These are chains that wrap tightly around the neck. The length of a choker is usually around 35 cm. Chokers should be about 5cm larger than our neck size. If you are unable to find a necklace or bracelet in our range that fits you, we will be happy to adjust the chain or string to the length you require. All you need to do is write in the notes what length you would like. The price remains the same if the change is up to 10cm. If the length is over 10 cm, we will be in touch with you free of charge to discuss the price.