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About us

Du Coeur is a Czech jewellery brand established in 2017. The name Du Coeur comes from French and means "from the heart" or "out of love", which
is how our jewellery is created. Kristýna Černá, the founder of the brand and jewellery designer, puts a piece of herself and her heart into every design. We make jewellery for you by hand, with love and attention to detail in our Prague studio.


We believe that jewellery is an important part of our days, our lives. Jewellery can affect our mood and how we feel. Jewellery not only adorns us, but it can give us confidence and support us when we need it. In jewellery we hide our secret wishes, but also memories of the moments we have associated with them, as well as the people who gave us the jewellery, and that is why jewellery is such a personal item, a talisman. At Du Coeur we create just such jewellery for you. Jewellery that we wish to become your talismans and live with you every day.

Du Coeur team


At Du Coeur, we treat each other with respect, reverence and love. Du Coeur is our home, but sometimes also a port where we can lean on each other. At Du Coeur, we each have our place and space for self-realization. We create Du Coeur together with love not only for ourselves, but also for you.


founder ♡ designer


store coordinator ♡ accountant


shop assistant ♡ logistic ♡ customer hero


technic ♡ moral support


Socials ♡ media content creator

Brick-and-mortar shop

In December 2022, we opened our first brick-and-mortar store in Myslíkova Street near the Dancing House. The shop is located in the former historical pharmacy U sv. Vojtěcha, which was opened here in 1900. The dark green wooden Art Nouveau portal with a larger-than-life image of Hygeia catches your eye from afar. The shop windows and the house in which the shop is located have been declared a
cultural monument.

We worked with many local brands and designers to furnish the store, as we ourselves revere craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our aim was to create a space where you can forget about the hustle and bustle of the surrounding area, stop and enjoy the shopping experience.